Eskape Collection


Interior Design

We design and service our hotels from a travelers' point of view with smartly spaced interiors full of the latest tech, luxury hotel amenities, and fresh fun-loving features.

24/7 Concierge

We manage a very well-trained team to be able to answer any guest's requests and inform them about any information they might need during their stay.

General and administrative services

Our team delivers accurate reports based on our customer's needs and helps with any decision-making process.

Sales and marketing

A trusted sales & marketing team will provide you with insights and creative ideas to achieve your business goals and deliver suitable material on time.

Revenue management

With many years of experience in the hotel and management industry, our goal is to maximize revenue with the available resources.

Software licenses and PMS

Our team is continuously trained in the industry's current and new software, offering the latest technology.

Quality control

We design and monitor processes to ensure we deliver the best in class quality services possible, maintaining a high-quality standard and always looking to improve it.

Direct integration and optimization with Booking platforms

We know that real-time and accurate information is key to the hotel and management industries. Therefore, we integrate and optimize our managed properties with the appropriate booking platforms.

Technical services

We are constantly redesigning maintenance protocols and schedules to be one step ahead of any possible contingency that can be prevented or minimized. In addition, we continuously train our teams to be responsive and accurate when a problem arises.

24/7 Market monitoring

We use the appropriate software and market research tools to monitor the market 24/7 and adapt to the constant demand and supply changes.

Financial reporting

Our finance team of experts develops state-of-the-art and innovative financial reports to ensure the right decisions.

Cleaning management

We take care of every detail, schedule, and protocol to ensure that the rooms and common areas of our managed properties always present the highest level of hygiene possible.

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Restocking and unit upkeep

Our signature refrigerator stocking service on demand and mini-bar & coffee supplies services complement our passion for excellence and passionate work.